Static and Interactive Graphics (D3.js)

Hi, this is Shiying Cheng. Nice to meet you! I am currently learning d3.js. Here are selected D3 graphics I made on a weekly basis. To view more, click here
I am also working on some longer projects on the side, including gun violence and health care. I will publish them as soon as I finish them.

You can find more of my code on my github. You can also visit my website for some other projects. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Chart 1: Apple Stock Market Interactive Chart

When you hover over a point, a tooltip will show its date and price. Data from AAPL.csv

Chart 2: Drug Overdose Deaths

Reproduce this graph from Upshot.

Chart 3: Interactive points on Canvas

Putting circles on a map.

Chart 4: Counties

Chart 5: Sorting and rebinding

Sort the data:

Chart 6: Small multiples

Reproducing a graphic from this Upshot article.

Data is from middle-class-income.csv and middle-class-income-usa.csv

Chart 7: Small multiples

Recreate this and this using D3 and small multiples. Data is from fertility.csv

Chart 8: Circle Chart

Dataset is data/eating-data.csv

Chart 9: Body Mass Index Chart(BMI)

Reproduce this piece from the NYT:

Chart 10: Bubble Chart

Chart 11: Network Visualization

You can drag nodes below

Chart 12: Radial Chart

Dataset is data/03-high-low-by-month.csv

Chart 13: Rose_Diagram


Chart 14: Pie chart, small multiples

Dataset is data/time-breakdown-all.csv