Hello, I'm Shiying!

I write, design and code. I studied Data Journalism at Columbia Journalism School and Political Science at Colorado College.

At first, I wanted to be a diplomat, so I picked Political Science as my major in college. Later, I became interested in computers and wanted to be a software engineer. However, during my sophomore year, I joined my college’s newspaper as a news reporter and fell in love with storytelling. As a result, I discovered my true passion in data journalism, the intersection between storytelling and coding!

In the past, I've worked at The Wall Street Journal, The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs, and The Catalyst student newspaper.

#​Python #Java #C/C++ #SQL #HTML5 #CSS #JavaScript #D3.js #GIS #Illustrator #Mandarin ...

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, Aug 2018

Data & Visualization

Standalone Interactive Projects

Using Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Illustrator, etc.

Static and Interactive Infographics

Using Illustrator and Ai2html

Using D3.js


Using Python, GeoPandas library

  • Using ArcGIS and QGIS

  • Data Analysis

    Using Python, Pandas, Numpy, Networkx library

  • Writing





    • Chinese New Year Celebration in Colorado Springs

      Collaborated with Holly Pretsky
      Jan. 30, 2016

    • Matchmarker in Colorado Springs

      Collaborated with Andrea Moore and Zach Zuckerman
      Feb. 2, 2016