Hello, I'm Shiying!

I am a full-stack developer, who is passionate about taking innovative ideas from concept to design, development and launch.

Currently, I’m a first-year graduate student in Connective Media at Cornell Tech, where I study Computer Science and Information Systems with a special focus on Human-Computer Interaction.

In the past, I have designed and built responsive data visualization and news applications at The Wall Street Journal and The Texas Tribune — a digital-first nonprofit, nonpartisan digital media organization covering Texas politics and policy.

I want to leverage my experience in public service journalism to make media tech products more accessible and ethical. I care deeply about the community impacts of technology and hope to contribute my skills in creating a better digital community.

#​Python #Java #C/C++ #SQL #HTML5 #CSS #JavaScript #React.js #D3.js #Illustrator #Sketch #Balsamiq #InVision #GIS #Mandarin...

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, Aug 2018


Data scraped with Selenium and BeautifulSoup, cleaned with Pandas and Regex in Python,

design in Illustrator, Sketch and InVision, and built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, D3.js, Bootstrap, etc.


Data analysis using Python

Visualizing using HTML, CSS, d3.js, QGIS, Illustrator and Ai2html

Using Illustrator for print newspapers




  • Asian Americans' Troubling Stance on Peter Liang's Case

    Nov 7, 2016, Asia Times Online
    For the first time in recent American history, Asian-Americans broke the silence, but not in the way I had hoped. According to Claire Jean Kim from The New York Times, many protesters argued that Liang’s conviction was proof of “selective prosecution” and “racial scape-goating;” if Liang were not Chinese or a person of color, he wouldn’t have been convicted. But how can we advocate for Asian-American justice while stepping on the dead body of an African-American?